How do I redeem my UltraViolet™ Digital Copy?

It is simple. Once you have purchased your Ultraviolet™ DVD or Blu-Ray disc, look out for the Ultraviolet™ flyer inside the box. There you will find
details on how to redeem your Ultraviolet™ Digital Copy and your unique redemption code. BBC Worldwide has partnered with to offer
a quick and easy way to redeem and play your BBC UltraViolet Digital Copy.

In order to redeem your Ultraviolet™ Digital Copy will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Access the BBC Ultraviolet website from your PC or Mac computer and select the title of the Ultraviolet™ DVD or
    Blu-ray you have purchased.

  2. You will then be automatically re-directed to to complete the redemption process. If this is the first time you are redeeming a BBC Ultraviolet™ Digital Copy, you will be prompted to set up a Flixster account, but if you already have an account, just log in with your account details.

  3. You will be prompted to link your Flixster account to UltraViolet™ and accept their terms and conditions. You will only need to do this the first time you redeem a title with Flixster.

  4. You will be asked to enter the unique redemption code featured on the flyer.

  5. Your UltraViolet™ Digital Library will then be automatically set up and your new programme made available to view.

You will only need to repeat steps 1, 2 and 4 for each subsequent BBC UltraViolet™ DVD and Blu-ray redemption.

The above steps cannot be done from a mobile or tablet device.

Whenever you are ready to watch the programme, select the title in your library and follow the onscreen instructions.

Which device do I use to redeem my Ultraviolet™ Digital Copy?

Currently you will only be able to redeem your UltraViolet™ Digital Copy on a computer (PC or Mac). At present, mobile devices are not supported for redeeming your programmes. Once your purchase is added to your UltraViolet™ digital collection, you will be able access and play it from your computer (PC or Mac) and compatible iOS or Android mobile device(s).

Accessing Flixster after redemption

Why do I need both an Ultraviolet and a Flixster account?

What’s the benefit of buying an Ultraviolet™ disc?

Are all BBC DVDs and Blu-ray discs Ultraviolet™?

Do I have to purchase all of my UltraViolet™ discs from the same retailer?

Where can I find my UltraViolet Digital collection?

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Where can I get more information about UltraViolet™?

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